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What is Home Staging & How Important is it to the Sale of your Home? 

Essentially, home staging is the proven process of preparing your property for sale so that the maximum number of buyers can envision themselves living there. It is a powerful marketing tool that has a tangible impact on a home's overall presentation and perceived value. Investing in professional staging is the key step home owners can take to positively influence the sale of their home.

Our team will address all aspects of preparing & merchandising your home for sale so that it's overall presentation is both highly marketable and saleable.

How do I choose a Home Stager?

Choosing the right professional to work with is all about doing your research. We recommend basing your final choice on:

  • The quality of their work and the results they achieve for their clients
  • Length of time in business combined with industry awards, education and breadth of services
  • Professionalism & effective communication skills
  • Website, marketing materials and overall company image
  • Resources, trade connections and inventory
  • Portfolio that showcases their talent, creativity and overall style
  • Pricing

Our company is a full service staging provider and we take pride in offering partial and complete staging solutions. Our consultants are educated, experienced and fully trained in our distinctive methodology of preparing homes for sale. From our expansive inventory to our website (which showcases our extensive portfolio) to professional reports, contracts and marketing materials we strive to always make our clients feel confident in choosing to work with our award winning team. 

Bottom Line: Your home is your single biggest asset so we always recommend making your selection based on the quality of work & breadth of services. Looking for low price leaders often results in ineffective staging solutions that don't make the most of your investment.

What is the Value of a Home Staging Consultation?

Essentially, a home staging consultation gives you a customized PLAN for your property to make the most of it's overall presentation and marketability. As opposed to generic home staging lists, a consultation helps you focus on the elements that will give you the best return on investment and provide property specific recommendations you can easily implement.  A staging consultation is an essential step when getting ready to sell your home that allows you to invest both time and money wisely in areas that will give you the best return on investment.

Beyond improving the condition, a staging consultation will ensure a home owner can get their home picture perfect! When over 95% of buyers are shopping online and 9 out of 10 can't see beyond what they are presented with, investing in a home staging consultation is the first step to a successful sale! It's a beauty pageant and a price war out there so trust us, presentation matters.

How much should I really be prepared to do?

How badly do you want to sell? Your RE Marketing Consultant will give you many recommendations that cost no money to implement but which will have a high impact on your potential buyers. If there are updates that should be done, your Home Stager will prioritize these projects for you so that you focus on the most important ones that will get you the best rate of return. It is always your choice how much of the recommendations you implement however your Home Staging Professional has years of experience in assessing real estate and knows what savvy buyers are looking for in their next homes.

What renovations offer the best ROI (Return on Investment)?

Typically, any updates in kitchens and bathrooms hold a high rate of return. We also always recommend creating an impressive master bedroom or master retreat as many people call them. Additional updates our consultants regularly mention are: paint colors, new countertops & cabinet hardware and new, modern light fixtures. These are often inexpensive, high impact updates that always add tangible value to a house and impress prosepective home buyers.

Additional to improving the condition of a home, making the most of it's presentation is also critical. This includes having a modern color palette that buyers will appreciate and the right balance of furniture & decor in the key selling spaces. Layering in pops of color, texture and accessories create the lifestyle prospective buyers will aspire to have - and pay more money for.

While many people think that all they have to do is de-clutter, that is just the first step to creating spaces that sell. If all your agent is doing is recommending you de-clutter, you should definitely contact our team for a second opinion! Adding those polishing touches can mean the difference between selling for below market value and adding 10 - 20% onto the sale price of your home .. or MORE depending on the market!

I may implement some of the recommendations on my own but I need help! What assistance does a Home Stager provide?

As a full service Home Staging Company, we offer a broad range of services beyond the consultation along with access to our list of experienced trade professionals. From painters to carpet cleaners and movers, we can assist you with as much – or as little – as you need.

After the consultation, you have many options from implementing our recommendations yourself or hiring our experienced team to assist you. In owner occupied homes, our goal is first and foremost to work with the furnishings you have however we do offer our clients the option to enhance the presentation of their home with furniture & decor rentals. Sometimes it's just a few pieces of artwork and decor - other times it's an empty home that needs staging. Regardless, we tailor the staging to the home so every client can give their home the WOW factor!

With any home staging consultation, we include a complimentary staging quote for you to consider based on your individual needs. Contact us today to book a consultation and get started!

Why should I stage my vacant home?

Vacant homes are typically the toughest properties to sell because empty rooms are difficult to market online and because vacant rooms fail on many levels to create a lifestyle buyers can emotionally connect with.  Un-staged vacant homes typically sit on the market up to 89% longer than their staged counterparts and often sell at discount, months later, to buyers who sense desperation and a deal. For the home owners this often means losing valuable equity in their house when it sells for less than market value in addition to months of paying for 2 properties

Staging is an investment, no question. However statistically staging will add between 10 - 20% to the value of a property, especially to an empty house. Remember, staging is a marketing tool. Staging creates that lifestyle which engages an emotional response from your target buyers. Empty rooms don't get that same emotional response nor do they get the online interest, visits or offers that a staged property will attract.

 Staging is another level of marketing for their home and by investing in furnishing the key selling spaces in your  house, you create a product that home buyers can't help but want to buy. By leaving it empty, it's like going to an important job interview naked or trying to sell a product without effective packing. Staging is an investment that enhances a property's perceived value and elevates it's marketability. Investing in professional staging is never as much as a price reduction once the home has been listed for sale!

Our staged properties statistic speak for themselves! On average, this year, our staged homes got offers within days (sometimes hours) of listing. Our clients reported selling prices of between 98 - 200% of list price and virtually all of them attributed these staggering success stories to their home's effective presentation. If you have an empty home, contact our team today and let us help you maximize it's marketability!

Where does the furniture come from for vacant homes?

Rooms in Bloom has an extensive inventory of furniture, artwork, decorative mirrors, custom florals and home decor. We stock modern accent chairs, dining sets, coffee & end table sets, gorgeous headboards and more! These items are what truly set our staging designs apart from our competitors and add the WOW factor to our staged properties.

For larger furnishings, we partner with the region's top furniture suppliers. The result is that we tailor the staging to fit the style and calibre of home. This allows Rooms in Bloom stylists greater creative flexibility and ensures that we create just the right look that your target buyers will fall in love with! 

Our rental packages are based on 4-week terms to start and after that, the rentals can be prorated for additional 2 or 4 week terms as needed. On average, our staged homes get offers in the first 5 - 7 days on market so the majority of our clients only need to budget for a 4 week investment.

Our mantra when it comes to staging vacant properties is no gimmicks, no hidden fees just quality staging every time!

How much faster do staged homes sell?

According to the national statistics, a staged home will sell – on average – 89% faster than un-staged homes.
Rooms in Bloom’s staged homes typically get offers within the first 5 - 7 days on market and sell firm within the first 25 days. Compared to the 2012 national stats which show that un-staged homes sell, on average, in 56 days, that is a significant difference!

"Price gets you interest. Staging gets you offers." ~ Gary Keller, Keller Williams Realty.

My home is staged – now what?

Now it’s time for our professional photorapher to take pictures! As over 95% of buyers are shopping online now, houses are getting their first visits – not in person – but online instead. This means your pictures must look fabulous so your house can get, what we term, as a first date. We can include a professional photography session with every vacant staging package if your agent doesn't offer that service - just another part of our complete real estate marketing plan for your property!

Keeping the house show-ready is another part of the process but it’s only a temporary inconvenience – if you do what needs to be done and you keep it up, your home will turn from staged to SOLD!

I had a great home staging experience! What other services does my Home Stager provide?

Rooms in Bloom offers a wide range of design services for home owners who have just moved into their new home – or even if they have been living there for many years! From color consultations to complete design consultations, we can help you decorate, design and re-imagine your space so you love it for years to come. Learn more about our decorating services by visiting our page on model home and residential design.

Are you a realtor looking for a great closing gift for your client? Consider one of our design services to help your clients personalize their new home! Contact us for more details!

What our clients say about us

Alana & Heather: Thank you so much in helping us get our parent's home ready for sale...You understood, took control of the project, and within 10 days the house was gorgeous - we couldn't believe it was the same house - and ready to go on the market. In under two weeks the house SOLD for 98% of the asking price!

S. Kowalczykowski, San Diego California, U.S.A