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Luxury Homes BannerROOMS IN BLOOM takes pride in creating stunning and highly marketable Luxury Homes which model the lifestyle home buyers fall in love with. Whether it's a residential or Builder Spec Home, we create the lifestyle that sells.

Selling a luxury home in today's real estate market isn't just about selling a house - it's about selling a lifestyle. Luxury home buyers shop with very high expectations which is why professional home staging is so important to the home preparation process. At a luxury price point, buyers have a lot of options to consider so our team knows that in order to stand out, a luxury home needs the right style & scale of furnishings, layers of texture & decor to create a stunning and appealing atmosphere that home buyers can't wait to call home.

Creating Spaces that Sell

Staging gorgeously styled spaces is our specialty and a key way to improving a luxury home's overall marketability. From comprehensive consultations to complete luxury home staging solutions, we provide our clients with all the information and resources they need to make a property truly stand out.

Regardless of whether you are a home owner, investor or a builder, we always start with a luxury home staging consultation. Home buyers in this real estate niche have high expectations and our goal is to ensure our clients have all the information to make sure their property is highly marketable & sellable. 

Once the consultation is complete, our team will prepare a staging quote that includes all the furnishings to fully showcase the home and sell buyers on the luxury lifestyle it offers.

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