Vacant Home Staging

Vacant Homes Banner 2Vacant properties are difficult properties to sell. When home buyers are inherently visual, the lack of definition of space and scale can make it difficult for them to form emotional connections to a home.. From a marketing standpoint, when over 90% of home buyers are viewing a property online first, a parade of empty or vacant rooms creates little impression and does nothing to communicate the home's features or overall lifestyle. Empty properties can be dismissed in seconds with the click of a mouse as buyers continue to search for homes that showcase gorgeously styled space which hit every emotional note with them. Statistics show that 80% of home buyers can better visualize a property as their future home only when it has been professionally staged. If you aren't staging, your home is helping the other staged properties in your area sell faster and for more money.

After a decade of successfully staging empty properties for sale in the Waterloo Region, Rooms in Bloom is well known for it's ability to make properties both highly marketable and sellable.

With an expansive warehouse of modern furnishings, artwork, rugs, and accessories our team is able to create aspiring spaces that resonate with home buyers and make homes stand out both online and in person. Whether its a condo or a luxury home, our team will customize beautifully styled spaces that impress.

Our Staging Designs all start with a PLAN.

To effectively create a polished design plan, our team always starts with either a home staging consultation or a vacant property assessment. The key difference between these two services is that a consultation will give you, as the home owner, our recommendations for any updates that should be done prior to staging the property, These updates may include everything from: paint colors, to flooring & fixture recomendations. If a property is already updated and freshly painted then a property assessment is a better choice. For this latter service, one of our team members will visit the property for 20 - 30 minutes to take pictures and make notes in order to create an effective staging design plan. Book your consultation or property assessment online.

Vacant Homes: Why Staging is So Effective

19 out of 10 people cannot see beyond what they are presented with – if they are presented with empty rooms they cannot envision their own furnishings in them. This means sellers are missing out on connecting with 90% of their target market.

281% of Home Buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their further home when its been professionally staged. People are inherently visual and they need to see well staged spaces in order for them to imagine living there themselves.

3Home Staging increases a Property's Value between 10 - 20% according to the 2017 NAR report on home staging. With over 95% of buyers shopping online for homes, professional staging has never been more important to selling your home fast and for top dollar!

4Our vacant properties get SOLD fast! From getting offers mere hours after to staging to getting competing offers after only a short time on the market, our staged properties stand out regardless of the time of year or type of real estate market we are experiencing.

5Over 40% of Buyers are more willing to go see a property when it has been Professionally Staged according to NAR (National Association of Realtors) in their 2017 report on Home Staging. This means there is a direct correlation between the appearance & marketability of a home and how much buyer interest it generates.

"We make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home." ~ The Rooms in Bloom Team


What our clients say about us

Heather & Alana have a spectacular gift. Their ability to envision the potential in spaces, as well as deliver difficult assessments of a property's condition set them apart in an industry filled with mediocrity. There are many individuals who claim to be 'home stagers', but few with the level of professionalism, talent and tact as Heather & Alana.

Ben Sage, RE/MAX a-b Realty Inc., Brokerage - Woodstock, ON